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    Jalan Bintang No. 07 Batam

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    (+62) 851 0307 7606

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PT. TOBACON established since 2011 in Batam, Indonesia. Our company is distributor marine
equipment supply and repair services which enganged in many areas in Batam. As a marine
equipment supplier, we emphasize the quality of our tools, which provide the best quality both
new and used tools, we could supply equipment supplier of your good vessel during operating.

On the other hand, our company also provide marine equipments for rent to support any other
activities in marine. Belong with our priority, we ensure that every kind of tools, repairing, services
and supplies meet your satisfaction as well.


Become one of the best local
supplier that can compete
with any other competitor and
preserve quality by expanding
market both local and overseas.


Provide best quality of services
to all customers and to organised
all of operational activities is safe.