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    Sungai Binti - Sagulung. Kec. Batu Aji, Batam

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PT. TOBACON established since 2011 in Batam, Indonesia and one of the companies that engaged in Marine Services. Since 2015, PT. Tobacon expanding its business into a new market which is Barge and Vessel recycling.

All ships have 3 cycles of life – build, operating, and recycling. The recycling of the vessels provides huge resource of steel and other kind of metals that can be used in the production of other goods and services.

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The main purpose of PT. Tobacon is to demolish barge and vessel not only for profit matters but also to preserving the environment. To achieve this, PT. Tobacon collaborates with the government through the Environmental Impact Management Agency and Community-Based Non-Governmental Organizations to oversee all vessels demolition process activities carried out by PT. Tobacon.

On the other hand, our company also provide marine equipments for rent to support any other activities in marine. Belong with our priority, we ensure that every kind of tools, repairing, services and supplies meet your satisfaction as well.


Provide best services not only for profit matters but also preserving the environment by green ship recycling process


To become the best green ship recycling specialist